Promotion office

Selected actions conducted by the Promotion Office of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin

Educational fairs

Since the beginning of 2018, we have presented our educational offer in five provinces and four foreign cities during 24 exhibition events organised for secondary school graduates. The educational fairs were held in: Choszczno - 15.02., Białogard - 16.02., Słupsk - 21..02., Koszalin  -22.02., Świdwin - 28.02., Chojnice - 01.03., Sulechów - 02.03., Zielona Góra - 06-07.03., Gorzów Wlkp. 13-14.03., Międzyrzecz - 25.03., Bytów 06.04., Stargard - 10..04., Szczecin - 11.04., Skwierzyna 12.04., Łobez - 13.04., Kamień Pomorski -24.04., Drawsko Pomorskie 25.04., Toruń - 06-07.09., Poznań - 10-11.10., Szczecin - 18-19.09. Moreover, employees of the Promotion Office took part in educational fairs in Kiev -18-20.04., Frankfurt (Oder) - 29-30.05., Berlin - 13-14.06., Prenzlau - 18.10.

The activity offer for secondary school students at WPUT in Szczecin

Since the academic year of 2013/2014, the Promotion Office together with faculties of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, prepared a special, free DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME for secondary school students based on presentations, laboratory classes and lectures conducted at our university. Thanks to the classes, young people will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many fields of science in various thematic areas of economics, chemistry, physics, natural sciences, IT, automation and robotics, construction and operation of machinery, human food and nutrition technology, fisheries, biology and biotechnology. The aim is to arouse the interest of young people, deepen their knowledge and provide a practical presentation of various issues using the laboratory potential of WPUT. We hope that young people, having the opportunity to get to know the university better, will make a decision to start their future studies at the university.

Our offer includes interesting topics of classes which will be conducted by the scientific and teaching staff of WPUT in an accessible manner appealing to the imagination of students, which will enable them to understand better the issues raised during the classes. The offer is promoted on the generally accessible Educational Portal and during direct meetings with principals of secondary schools in Szczecin. We have already visited several dozen general and technical secondary schools, where the offer of classes for young people has been very well received, as evidenced by the first class enrolment.

Children's Technical University - DUTEK

In 2009, the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin took the initiative to create a programme supporting the education of primary school children at our University - the Children's University of Technology. In 2010, DUTEK received the status of a "Talent Discovery Place" from the Ministry of National Education. DUTEK is organised by The WPUT Promotion Office is responsible for organisation of DUTEK, while the educational offer is the responsibility of the Scientific Council established for this purpose. In 2014, we introduced classes for lower secondary school students. Almost 2000 students took part in the project by 2017.

 The basic assumptions of DUTEK include:

  • edutainment
  • classes conducted by university staff in WPUT classrooms and laboratories
  • interactive classes ended with an entry in a student's record book

and the objectives we want to achieve are as follows:

  • to stimulate interest in science and extension of knowledge
  • to develop the ability of creative thinking
  • to convey information about the practical use of knowledge
  • to raise parents' awareness of how to shape children's attitudes and how to encourage learning
  • to promote technical sciences